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Help! My horse has broken his leg!

This is a common line when clients ring up for an emergency consult. You have come out to find your best mate, one foot in the air, hopping to you for help on three legs. Often you first thought is the worst – but more often than not a foot abscess is the culprit! If your horse has never had… Read more →

“Advanced Concepts in Equine Podiatry”

In July 2015 I attended the “Advanced Concepts in Equine Podiatry and Therapeutic Farriery” workshop in Virginia, USA. This workshop was run by leading veterinarian Dr. M.W Myers and Equine Podiatrist and Nutritionist Sylvia Kornherr, founders of EPC Solutions. This workshop was open to farriers, trimmers and veterinarians who were looking to further their knowledge and skills in Equine Podiatry.… Read more →

Horse with healthy hooves running after a dog

Healthy Hoof Wish List

  If I was a hoof on the end of your horses foot what should I be able to do to maintain optimum health and well-being and catch dogs!   1. I should be able to flex in all directions to handle any surface 2. I should be allowed to move freely promoting fluid movement and circulation 3. I should… Read more →

A New Barefoot Horse World

This is a brilliant article and a great summary of the current state of knowledge on the practical aspects of the barefoot horse. This article also addresses the question why of all disciplines are most dressage horses shod. Sit down with a nice cup of your favourite beverage and read and enjoy, very informative Read more →

Exciting Times For Natural Hoof Care

Hello and happy new year to you all note “Dare to be bare…”   does not mean you never have any boots or shoes on, the aim is to have our horses hooves functioning as nature intended as much as possible but we all need help and the whole horse boot market continues to evolve at a rapid pace as… Read more →