Exciting Times For Natural Hoof Care

Hello and happy new year to you all note “Dare to be bare…”   does not mean you never have any boots or shoes on, the aim is to have our horses hooves functioning as nature intended as much as possible but we all need help and the whole horse boot market continues to evolve at a rapid pace as these new design prototypes from Easy care show. We will be reviewing all these as they come out and giving you all our verdict, watch this space 😉

Especially interesting from the veterinary  point of view is a new boot to help recovering laminitics move as we all know how important movement is to the long term recovery of the foot once the acute laminitic episode is over, very interesting and again watch this space as we will review these as soon as we can get hold of a pair 😉




new -cuff plastic shoe
New Cuff design for glue on shoes and temporary boots
pink_base easy boot base
The image says it all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but pretty in pink as we see a new colour boot sole
New design of the simple but very effective therapy boot

dual density shock absorbing soles


Simply healthy hooves shows the easy boot cloud

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